Building furnishings

We have been producing furniture for over 15 years and furnishing objects for five years. As we are intensively involved in building furnishings, our team of experts, in cooperation with our partners, can offer you a solution for your interior. Our furnishings can be adapted to your most demanding wishes. The focus is on functionality. Of course, we also use exclusive, pre-designed as well as specially projected and produced furniture for your building. Therefore, we also focus on the purpose you want to use the room for. We approach each of our projects individually and uniquely. We not only offer you our furniture, but also support you with our expertise and many years of experience.


An important factor in design is the relationship between the interior and its function.

People work more effectively in a pleasant environment with ergonomic furniture. The same applies to the living space of each person. Colours and details depend on the person who works or lives in that room. The same goes for the height at which the work equipment is mounted. We help you furnish the room according to your individual wishes.

Project planning

During the project phase

We help you with the design of the interior. Our team will work closely with you during the project planning and execution. We offer you solutions that are within your planned budget. We pay great attention to all technical details. Let us help you to furnish the room according to your most demanding wishes. Of course, we keep to the set of deadlines.


The quality of all production processes is ensured by investing in modern technology and the latest CNC machines. It is very important to us that our employees constantly improve their skills. We also value teamwork highly. Our products are the result of excellent aesthetics and functionality.

In the centre of the East Croatian region of Slavonia, we produce high-quality furniture in our factory. We export it to ten European countries. In our production area of 26000 square metres, we employ over one hundred people.

Object furnishings

Object furnishings mean the design, project planning, manufacturing and other processes that lead to the final piece of furniture. Close cooperation with designers and architects is a priority in object furnishings. We pay attention to following innovations and trends in the world market. Also, the aim is to use various materials (e.g. glass, wood, stainless steel, MDF, etc.). Networking and a uniform production process are also important to us. For us, object furnishings mean that the furniture is delivered to you and assembled for you so that you can use it straight away.